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    Aging-In-Place Remodeling in Connecticut
    Aging-In-Place Remodeling in Connecticut

Rehab Specialties of Connecticut offers professional stair chair lift system installation for residential and commercial properties throughout Connecticut. The cost of installing a stair chair lift system can vary significantly depending on several factors, including:

  1. Type of Staircase: The complexity of your staircase can impact the installation cost. Straight staircases typically require less customization and are generally less expensive to install compared to curved or spiral staircases, which may require more customization to fit the lift system properly.
  2. Length of the Staircase: The length of your staircase can also influence the cost. Longer staircases may require more materials and labor for installation.
  3. Features and Options: The cost can vary based on the features and options you choose for your stair chair lift system. For example, features such as power swivel seats, remote controls, folding rails, and battery backups can add to the overall cost.
  4. Brand and Quality: Different brands and models of stair chair lift systems come with different price points based on factors such as quality, reliability, and reputation.
  5. Installation Requirements: Factors such as the need for structural modifications, electrical work, and permits can also affect the overall cost of installation.
  6. Additional Services: Some companies may include additional services such as maintenance agreements, warranties, and post-installation support, which can impact the total cost.

Rehab Specialties offers no-cost consultations an quotes for stair chair lift installation and can arrive at your location to give you a quote tailored to your specific needs and staircase configuration. On average, the total cost of purchasing and installing a stair chair lift system can range from several thousand to tens of thousands of dollars.

Additionally, some funding options and financial assistance programs may be available to help offset the cost of installing a stair chair lift system, especially for individuals with disabilities or seniors on fixed incomes. These may include Medicare, Medicaid, veterans’ benefits, and various state and local assistance programs. It’s advisable to explore these options and consult with a healthcare professional or financial advisor for guidance on available resources.  You can contact us today at (203) 606-8975 to schedule a quick no-cost consultation and estimate!