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    Aging-In-Place Remodeling in Connecticut
    Aging-In-Place Remodeling in Connecticut

Serving Hartford County, Rehab Specialties of Connecticut provides luxury handicap showers that are designed for aging in place, combine accessibility and elegance to create a comfortable and stylish bathing experience for seniors or individuals with mobility challenges. Give us a call at (203) 606-8975 to schedule your aging in place remodel today!  Here are some features and design ideas we utilize for creating luxurious handicap showers:

1. Curbless Entry: Opt for a curbless or low-curb shower entry to eliminate tripping hazards and allow easy wheelchair or walker access.

2. Spacious Layout: We design the shower with ample space to accommodate mobility aids and provide enough room to maneuver comfortably.

3. Walk-In Design: A walk-in shower design with a wide opening or sliding door for easy entry and exit.

4. Seating Options: We can incorporate a built-in or fold-down shower seat for added comfort and convenience during bathing.

5. High-Quality Materials: We use high-quality, non-slip flooring materials that are both safe and luxurious. Natural stone tiles or slip-resistant porcelain tiles for example.

6. Handheld Showerhead: We can install a handheld showerhead with an adjustable height and multiple spray options for a luxurious bathing experience.

7. Multiple Showerheads: For a spa-like feel, we can install multiple showerheads, including a rain showerhead and body jets.

8. Temperature and Pressure Controls: We can incorporate thermostatic or pressure-balancing controls to maintain a consistent water temperature and pressure.

9. Lighting and Ambiance: We install dimmable LED lighting to create a relaxing ambiance. Consider adding waterproof speakers for music or podcasts.

10. Niches and Shelving: We can incorporate built-in niches or shelving for storing bathing essentials without cluttering the space.

11. Grab Bars: Elegant grab bars that blend seamlessly with the shower design while providing essential support.

12. Bench and Seating: Comfortable bench or seating area within the shower for relaxation while bathing.

13. Frameless Glass Enclosure: Opt for a frameless glass enclosure for a modern and open feel. Ensure it’s easy to clean and maintain.

14. Steam Shower: Consider adding a steam feature to the shower for a spa-like experience that offers relaxation and potential health benefits.

15. Accessible Controls: We can install user-friendly controls that are easy to reach and operate, accommodating individuals with varying levels of mobility.

16. Water-Resistant Finishes: We offer water-resistant and low-maintenance finishes for walls, floors, and fixtures to ensure longevity and easy upkeep.

17. Handrails and Supports: We can integrate stylish handrails and supports that blend with the overall design while providing stability.

18. Universal Design Elements: We can Incorporate universal design principles, such as slip-resistant surfaces, lever-style handles, and contrasting colors, to enhance accessibility without compromising luxury.

When designing a luxury handicap shower for aging in place in Hartford, CT, Rehab Specialties takes into consideration the specific needs and preferences of the individual using the space. We specializes n accessible design and can help you create a shower that combines luxury, functionality, and safety seamlessly. Give us a call at (203) 606-8975 to schedule your aging in place remodel today!